Abnormal psychology and therapy physical illnesses

There was scientific curiosity into abnormal behavior although it was rarely investigated in the early asylums.

May Learn how and when to remove this template message In the late twentieth century however, a large number of mental hospitals were closed due to lack of funding and overpopulation. For example, in terms of biochemistry — the dopamine hypothesis argues that elevated levels of dopamine are related to symptoms of schizophrenia.

If id impulses are unchecked they may be expressed in self-destructive and immoral behavior. Maladaptive behavior is caused by faulty and irrational cognitions.

Abnormal psychology

The somatogenic theory seeks to explain abnormalities in terms of their physical causes rather than psychological causes. Social norms are culturally specific - they can differ significantly from one generation to the next and between different ethnic, regional and socio-economic groups.

Along with the Community Health Services Act ofthe Hill-Burton Acts helped with the creation of outpatient psychiatric clinics, inpatient general hospitals, and rehabilitation and community consultation centers.

The approach argues that mental disorders are related to the physical structure and functioning of the brain. Culture Different cultures and subcultures are going to have different social norms. For example, differences in brain structure abnormalities in the frontal and pre-frontal cortex, enlarged ventricles have been identified in people with schizophrenia.

Every culture has certain standards for acceptable behavior, or socially acceptable norms. During the Medieval period, many Europeans believed that the power of witchesdemonsand spirits caused abnormal behaviors.

Individuals can overcome mental disorders by learning to use more appropriate cognitions. Depression — Depression is a fairly general term that can cover a range of conditions.

Common Disorders Within Abnormal Psychology While the field of abnormal psychology deals with all types of abnormal behavior, there are three common disorders that abnormal psychology covers. For example drink driving was once considered acceptable but is now seen as socially unacceptable whereas homosexuality has gone the other way.

For example, a person who has the obsessive-compulsive disorder of hand-washing may find that the behavior makes him cheerful, happy and better able to cope with his day. Conversely high IQ is statistically abnormal, but may well be regarded as highly desirable. If, however, the ego is weakened, then either the id or the superego, whichever is stronger, may dominate the personality.

For example, obesity is a statistically normal but not associated with healthy or desirable. The absence of this criterion of ideal mental health hardly indicates he is suffering from a mental disorder. For example, a man wearing a dress and high heels may be considered socially abnormal as society would not expect it, whereas this is expected of women With this definition, it is necessary to consider: This hospital, nicknamed Bedlam, was famous for its deplorable conditions.There are various illnesses that are studied in the branch of abnormal psychology including but not limited to schizophrenia and antisocial personality disorder.

Depending on the abnormal behavior, there are different treatment options available. Psychological Stress & Physical Disorders therapy has been more successful in preventing risky behaviour caused by stress rather than in slowing the progress of the disease.

Related Links. Abnormal Psychology Emotional & Behavioural Disorders. Ch 1, 2, & 3 abnormal psychology. STUDY. PLAY. Determining the presence of disorder is based on several criteria, including focus on physical illnesses. are interdependent. are interdependent.

A Guide to Abnormal Psychology

Family therapy should not be used in conjunction with individual therapy. Abnormal Psychology and Therapy If you have an infection, you go to the doctor. There are many different treatments for any number of physical illnesses and disorders, but what if the illness or disorder is in your mind?

The medical approach: This approach to abnormal psychology focuses on the biological causes of mental illness, emphasizing understanding the underlying cause of disorders, which might include genetic inheritance, related physical illnesses, infections, and chemical mi-centre.coml treatments are often pharmacological in nature, although.

Abnormal psychology is the branch of psychology that studies unusual patterns of behavior, (disease process), can result in abnormal behavior. Rational emotive therapy helps to drive irrational and maladaptive beliefs out of one's mind.

Abnormal psychology and therapy physical illnesses
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