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The Illness Encephalitis is inflammation of the brain. Should any of the information raise issues or give you reason for concern we would ask that you contact the office via our support line or alternatively we can be contacted by email on support encephalitis.

I feel like a black cloud has been removed from above me. How much information is enough? These age limits are not strict. Encephalitis is a complex condition to diagnose and manage. We also estimate that, currently, about 90, people around the world Encephalitis society essay autoimmune encephalitis each year.

Encephalitis society essay gure that does not include the costs of rehabilitation, long-term care, and the loss to the economy from those of working-age unable to return to work.

It contains 9 modules which focus on: The Society also provides direct support via phone, email, skype, and chat online. Dr Ava Easton Published online: Encephalitis steals their capacity to remember Encephalitis society essay well as their personalities Encephalitis society essay the types of abilities we all generally take for granted: They achieve a huge amount with few resources, a small team, and with the voluntary contributions of its Board of Trustees and Scientific Advisory Panel.

It is our first e-learning project and we hope it is successful. We will not use any information provided within this programme for any other purpose than that for which it was given; the information will not be passed on to any person or agency outside The Encephalitis Society without the express permission of the giver, or duly appointed representative, if the person is incapable of providing consent.

The neurologist who diagnosed my son did not schedule a follow-up appointment and felt no further treatment was needed two weeks after being discharged from the hospital. Conducting research and work in part- nership with other researchers and their establishments.

Research The Society is involved with a plethora of research studies including two randomised control trials in Oxford and Liverpool. The Society also contributes to research financially and has just launch a co-funded PhD fellowship with The University Liverpool.

Therefore the difficulties stated in this E-learning Programme are not reflective of every situation where Encephalitis is involved and that some of the information stated may not be relevant to your situation. However due to great work conducted by many committed researchers and their insti- tutions over the last decade we now know there are around people diagnosed with encephalitis in the United Kingdom alone 1 each year.

This study allows us to estimate that approximately 1 million people worldwide had autoimmune encephalitis in their lifetime. I finally feel like there is hope for my boy. As I continue to work towards my professional goal of being a nurse educator and teaching our future generations of nurses, it is my hope that more nurses and providers have the tools and knowledge needed to recognize Autoimmune Encephalitis early on so that earlier diagnosis and intervention is possible.

Who is the target audience for this Programme? I feel so much relief! Supporting adults and children affected by Encephalitis, their families and carers by providing advice and evidence-based information and working at a national and international level to improve services. The Society takes this information and restructures it in ways that are meaningful for those new to the condition.

The authors suggest this may be an underestimate. To live in a world where Encephalitis is as rare as it possibly can be given its eradication is unlikely, and that those affected and their families, have access to early diagnosis, excel- lent management of their condition, timely access to rehabilitation and other forms of social support.

Therefore patients and professionals alike can be assured about the reliability of the material. We would be lost without you! The E-learning Programme aims to improve the knowledge about Encephalitis and its consequences and so enabling children and their families to make sense of what has happened to them and know what to expect in the future; to help children and their families develop coping skills and as a result improve their confidence and self-esteem; to show the parents, carers and the children how to develop supportive networks around them and so reducing their isolation.

Other services include connecting people in a similar situation, and a burgeoning global network of volunteers. Confidentiality The Encephalitis Society has a duty of confidentiality to all users of our services.

Taking into account the emotional strain that a diagnosis of Encephalitis may bring coupled with the amount of information available through this training programme consideration may be required into gauging how much information is accessed at any one time.

Encephalitis in Children

Encephalitis is a thief, one that has quietly been at work for hundreds of years, robbing families of their loved ones, and even in those families where the person survives, it often robs them of the person they once knew.

The Society strives hard to meet its aims and objectives. Emerging Infectious Disease ;19 9. I had never heard of this disease. The E-learning Programme has two sections.

If a Module is appropriate or not, depends very much on the learning and developmental stages of a child. A narrative approach All the information provided is evidence-based, peer-reviewed and accredited by NHS England.The Encephalitis Society, Malton, York, United Kingdom.

8, likes · talking about this · 83 were here. Support, Awareness & Research for /5(). The aim of the Encephalitis Society is to improve the quality of life of those affected by encephalitis by providing support and encouragement, promoting a high quality of services, supporting research, and raising general awareness of this disease and its subsequent problems.

Jon Ainley, The Encephalitis Society's support co-ordinator, and Member Darren Egdell are embarking on a mile bike ride from Malton to our biannual Retreat in the Brecon Beacons National Park i. The latest Tweets from Encephalitis Society (@encephalitis).

A global resource for people affected directly or indirectly by encephalitis, an inflammation of the brain. Also follow @encephalitisava. Autoimmune Encephalitis is an antibody mediated disease where for no reason antibodies attack the brain causing many symptoms.

Free encephalitis papers, essays, and research papers. Encephalitis: Causes, Progression and Treatment of the Condition - Introduction Encephalitis is an inflammation of the brain due to a viral infection (infectious) or when the immune system mistakenly begins to attack brain tissue (autoimmune encephalitis) (Clinic, ).

Encephalitis society essay
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