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There are four steps to follow when in the process of termination: For moral issues it can be that for many companies, most managers develop arsenal relationships with their employees, aside from the professional relationships.

For instance, if a manager is faced with giving an evaluation of an employee he or she is has a relationship with outside of the workplace; they must base the evaluation solely on the employees work performance and not base any of their decisions on the personal relationship he or she may have with this employee.

Ethical Issues At Work Essay - Part 2

Another employee, Anthony, who had witnessed Michael harassing Miranda during their shift, is deciding on whether to go straight to the Human Resource Department and inform them about what he had witnessed, Michael harassing Miranda. This is my workplace example: After a while I began to see where the social and ethical issues could merge and create animosity in the workplace.

Performance evaluations could be the deciding factor on whether an employee gets a raise, a promotion or whether or not they get to keep their job, so if the manager giving the evaluation lets his or her personal feelings cloud their judgment it could seriously affect the employee who is being evaluated.

Managers are faced with moral and ethical issues in regards to termination. Ethically a manager has a duty to the company first and if an employee, who is also a friend, is performing badly then the manager has an obligation to the company to reprimand that employee regardless of their relationship and the same goes for an employee whose work performance is exceptional but the manager has ill feelings toward them personally, it is their duty to give a high or favorable performance rating regardless of their personal feelings.

Ethical Issues and Management Essay Sample

It would not be good ethical responsible management practices if the manager did terminate the employee. Although I have never actually given a performance evaluation personally, I know that as a manager he or she must go into it leaving all personal feelings aside.

I feel that if I am a manager and I become personally involved with someone outside the workplace, I have a duty to the other employees to reiterate to my friend that while I am your friend outside of work, I am still your boss in the workplace and those two lines should never cross.

I had never heard of such a thing before, I mean who were they to tell me who I could and could not be friends with in my personal time. The termination can be harder for the other individuals because they get a feeling Ethical issues and management paper they could have done something to prevent that employee from getting terminated.

Where I could not see in the beginning how a manager having a personal relationship with a subordinate could affect the morale of other employees, it quickly became clear that it could. Get Access Ethical Issues and Management Essay Sample Performance evaluations can be a helpful resource to improve many areas in the workplace.

A manager must go into the evaluation with neutral feelings for all of his or her employees and should not base a performance rating on their personal feelings. So the manager has to put aside personal relationship when it comes to professional relationship.

In the past I have worked with a company where fraternization was forbidden in the workplace, meaning managers were not supposed to have personal friendships with subordinates outside the workplace. They show both strengths and challenges for each individual employee.

Everyone learns about each other, so they have a connection with one another. It can also be harder for others because they know that the employee who got terminated has a family and has bills that need to be paid, so other individuals will try to help the terminated employee off company hours in any way with their struggles.

That being said a manager can face many challenges when giving an evaluation as well. Just as the manager cannot base the evaluation on friendship, they also must put any personal feelings of dislike they may have for an employee aside as well.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Michael, who has worked with the company for 5 years, was harassing another employee, Miranda. As stated in the example above, workers want to see the actions taken by the manager, not ignored.

I had a manager who was friends with a couple of co-workers outside the work place and that friendship carried over into work. A performance evaluation helps to improve morale and increase productivity within the company.

Employees want to feel safe while they are at work not frightened, so if anything happened at work, the employees want to see the appropriate actions taken by the manager. Miranda is new to the company and has only been there for just under a year. Verbal warning, written warning, Suspension, and then termination.

Everyone learns about their families, their hobbies, their personal problems, etc. This can be a challenge because as human beings we base most of our decisions of others on emotions and how we feel about them personally and as a manager you cannot do this or the company could face lawsuits down the road for discrimination.

For example, if an employee gets terminated due to the lack of their job performance, the other individuals could help that employee work on the performance of their job, such as training or classes. Managers, as well as employees are around social issues every day.

Well maybe, but then it could leave the question should that person be a manager if he or she cannot separate personal and professional relationships. If actions like that are ignored, it makes the other employees feel uncomfortable in the workplace.View Notes - Ethical Issues and Management Paper from XMGT/ XMGT/ at University of Phoenix.

Running head: ETHICAL ISSUES AND MANAGEMENT PAPER 1 Ethical Issues and Management Paper Darrell75%(4). Essays & Papers Ethical Issues At Work - Paper Example Ethical Issues At Work - Part 2 So having to terminate one of your employee’s is one of the most difficult parts of being a manager, and many manager’s, if not most, dread having to make that decision on terminating en of their employee’s - Ethical Issues At Work introduction.

Ethical Issues and Management Paper-- Performance evaluations By University Of Phoenix X mg /organizational ethics and social responsibility Instructor William Minnick Instructor: 05/17/ Ethical Issues and Management Paper- - Performance evaluations Performance evaluation is a tool that measure performance of employees, the performance.

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Ethical Issues and Management Essay Sample Performance evaluations can be a helpful resource to improve many areas in the workplace. They show both strengths and .

Ethical issues and management paper
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