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Is Lebed a good man?

Pump And Dump

The National Inflation Association is a joke, and it is run by a man who has been convicted on pumping and dumping stocks. For someone who has just turned 16, Lebed has a relatively long track record for picking stocks.

In conclusion, Monty Pelerin writes about ad hominem: Rather than go to court over the allegations, Lebed negotiated a Jon lebed with the SEC. Unfortunately for Lebed, the SEC had been monitoring his trades since and earlier this year finally decided to accuse him of securities fraud.

I never buy the stocks or even look at their suggestions.

Jon Lebed Essay

There is a principle in Jon lebed that goes back at least to Jesus—one should not go after minnows when there are whales to be caught—or as Jesus himself said while criticizing the Pharisees and the legal experts of his own day Matt McGee21 year old blogger and college senior, wrote: When you should be attacking their views on gold and inflation, you instead attack their character.

Probably, but then so am I, Mich, and Eric Nuttall. Do I recommend the man? In a well-researched and balanced article about the subject, Michael Lewis brings up some serious questions about the Lebed case. I was going over some old press releases about different companies.

He did a lot of work.

Last month, Lebed made headlines around the world as the youngest person - and the first minor - ever to be accused of securities fraud.

Officials say his strategy was to buy a stock, hype it relentlessly on the Internet and then sell it when the price soars-- what the SEC calls "pump-and-dump. I found that there is the broad accusation that they pump and dump but no proof and no convictions.

Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Special Visual Effects

Lebed got the word out by sending hundreds of messages under a variety of names. The real issue is to ask the question why the SEC was going after some high school kid who used alternate media to promote his stocks, when big names on Wall Street do the same using major media outlets and made billions of dollars?

The National Inflation Association does promote stocks. I find that many people today feel that its ok to shoot down your position by simply associating it with some kind of nefarious or criminal activity—this is classic case of ad hominem and guilt by association.Tagged CFTC, Charlie Engle, Chris Martenson, Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Gerald Celente, Gretchen Morgenson, Jon Corzine, Jonathan Lebed, MF Global Apr · 03 Petrobakken manipulation: who is going to pay the fine this time SEC?

Summary: In this case study we learn about Jonathan Lebed, at 15 years old, the youngest person during that time and the first minor to ever to face proceedings by the SEC for stock-market fraud.

Apr 06,  · This Stock Whiz Kid Stays in the Picture. and basically that's about what I know about Jon." Lebed views a possible college career as unnecessary for his future advancement.

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And he may have a. The best form Cody's been in was when he pwned Jon Lebed on Fox Biz.

Jonathan Lebed

Do a YouTube search for both of their names together, you'll see what I'm talking about. This review is the subjective opinion of an Investimonials member and not of Investimonials LLC.

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