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Find out more about LU: It should also contain the time and place of the thesis defence. If the thesis is produced jointly there should be a clear statement of who contributed what. No one may act as examiner on a thesis which he or she has supervised.

Master thesis project, iGEON

If you or Lund university master thesis University owns the rights to your doctoral thesis, you decide Lund university master thesis or not you want your doctoral thesis to be made available electronically. Before work on the project begins, the examiner must approve the choice of topic and appoint a supervisor to provide the candidate with continuous supervision.

Course responsible is Harry Lankreijer. Designations for the courses to which this syllabus applies are stated separately. The examiner decides the grade to be awarded to the paper.

The aim of the supervision includes making it possible to complete the project within 20 weeks of full-time study.

Since electronically published books have a separate number, the doctoral thesis will be given two ISBNs, one for the printed version and one for the digital version.

Abstract in English You must append a brief abstract in English to your thesis. It is recommended to start early with finding a suitable subject for your thesis project and collecting GIS data. This time includes data collection, analyses, literature review and writing.

More information about printing can be found here: In addition, a sufficient number of copies should be made available at the examination to enable satisfactory scrutiny of the work. The Faculty of Medicine advises students to print this sheet on the reverse side of the title page that is inserted into each copy.

The report is public and no part of it may be kept confidential. This means, among other things, that the project is to be examined at Lund University even in the case of exchange students. This co-supervisor could be one of your superiors at work, a teacher, or another suitable contact.Search the theses in our catalogue LUBcat.

Lund University theses from onwards are also available in the database LUP. You will find the theses from the current academic year at Lund University displayed on a special shelf on our entrance floor. Don't forget to register your thesis in LUP and hand in the printed thesis at the.

Doctoral theses

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We recommend that you make your doctoral thesis freely available online when you register it. If you or the University owns the rights to your doctoral thesis, you decide whether or not you want your doctoral thesis to be made available electronically.

Naturally, if your doctoral thesis, or parts of it, is published by external publishers, this must be taken into consideration, but it is often. This is the thesis course in the Master´s program in GIS (iGEON).

It is compulsory for obtaining a MSc degree in Geographical Information Science from Lund University. Theses, dissertations and research publications The Research Portal – your shortcut to information about Lund University research Through our research portal you.

Master degree projects in Molecular Biology. You can perform a Master's Degree project of 30, 45 or 60 credits in either General Molecular Biology, or one of the specialisations Medical Biology, Microbiology or Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology. Lund University Master's thesis database (LUP) Template for Evaluation of Degree Project (pdf.

Lund university master thesis
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