Midaq alley character analysis

Rich, middle-aged Alwan is a workaholic and sexaholic, considering polygamy, while his children want him to retire and take care of himself.

Umm Hamida is a matchmaker. Having sealed their engagement, he has no sooner left than Salim Alwan, a rich store owner, leaves his wife with the intention of marrying Hamida. Abbas interprets her response as the first sign of love, and he is exhilarated.

Much to her dismay, however, she does not have a new dress with which to exhibit her beauty. Booshy in his theft of false teeth. Unlock This Study Guide Now Start your hour free trial to unlock this page Midaq Alley study guide and get instant access to the following: Hamida, ever devoted to material possessions, agrees to marry Abbas Hilu, a barber, who falls desperately in love with her and leaves Midaq Alley to work for the British so that he can save money to buy Hamida everything she desires.

He persuades his childhood friend, Abbas Hilu, to leave the barbershop and work for the British. The men represent the traditional slow and never-changing life of this lower middle-class society at a time when the outside world and wartime are threatening to overwhelm them.

Kirsha, infamous for her temper Uncle Kamil, good-hearted, bachelor sweets-seller, famously bloated and sleepy Abbas, a young, kindly barber who wants to get married, joins the British army to make money to be able to marry Hamida Salim Alwan, the wealthy businessman who is embittered after surviving a heart attack Dr.

After many more meetings, Abbas finally asks Hussain brings the sorrowful news to Midaq Alley, which talks about it for a while, and then returns to its everyday routine.

Plot introduction[ edit ] Mahfouz plays on the cultural setting. Uncle Kamil is an old, lethargic man who spends most of his days asleep on a chair in front of his shop.

Abbas loves Hamida but must go to Tell el-Kebir to earn his fortune with the British Army before the fiery tempered, materialistic girl overcomes a lack of affection and agrees to marry. One day, Abbas decides to follow her, to speak to her, and to tell her of his love, a rather bold move for the normally shy and reticent barber.

Hussainy leaves on Hajj. Radwan Hussainy, a landlord who beats his wife and failed his al-Azhar exams, yet is revered for his high degree of education and devotion to God.

Midaq Alley Characters

Gossip keeps Midaq Alley alive. Whenever Hamida leaves the alley, she is carefully watched, particularly by Salim Alwan and Abbas, both of whom covet her. A mystery man at the rally shows interest in Hamida, and during one of her daily walks, they talk and she accepts that she is on this earth to be taken—by Ibrahim Faraj.

A political campaign comes to the district and Kirsha offers his vote to the highest bidder. Abbas leaves, believing the betrothal is binding. Fate steps in, however, as Alwan barely survives a heart attack and changes mentally.

When a much richer Abbas returns from his work with the British, Hamida, desperate to escape the enslavement Ibrahim has imposed upon her, persuades Abbas to kill him.

Midaq Alley Themes

He marries a woman of lower class and returns home with her and her brother. The novel takes place in the s and represents standing on the threshold of a modern era in Cairo and the rest of the nation as a whole.

Kirsha is addicted to hashish and occasionally obsessed by homosexuality. Abbas, although young and energetic, is satisfied with operating his shop and observing the social and religious customs that his society always practiced.

The entire section is 1, words. He supplements his income by selling stolen goods. Times changed, and customers now prefer the radio to recitations of classical Arabic poetry. After she rejects him, he throws a glass at her, Booshy and Zaita are arrested for desecrating tombs by stealing gold teeth, which Booshy sells cheaply to patients like Afify.Midaq Alley is the English Translation of Zuqāq al-Midaq by Naguib Mahfouz, released in English in The story is about Midaq Alley, a teeming back street in Cairo which is a microcosm of the world.

Midaq Alley Summary & Study Guide includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis, quotes, character descriptions, themes, and more. Midaq Alley has 7, ratings and reviews. mi-centre.com said.الخروج من المأزق.

Jana Hamida is the main character in this book, as she is the strongest and most fierce woman in the alley. Her character is very significant compared to Novel was full of sardonic smiles at midaq Allay, /5. Midaq Alley, a novel written by Mahfouz, tells us the story of different characters living in a poor alley in Egypt during World War II, a time of change.

Night falls on Midaq Alley, a small dead-end street in the ancient Gamaliyya section of Cairo. The entrance to this alley was established by two typical shops: on one side a sweets shop operated.

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Midaq Alley is superficially full of religious language, which Western readers may find coming from every character.

Midaq alley character analysis
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