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We see here in this movie the very worst depictions of the misery of urban crackheads, the powerful ingenue who profits on evil and the righteous guardians of law and order who sally forth to protect us.

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The focus of the problem has shifted from drugs being about "other" people, as inner-city blacks and latinos, who have seen plenty of examples not to follow over the past fifteen years, have learned to avoid crack cocaine and left the current hot "front" in the war around less-urbanized whites and their burgeoning appetite for crystal meth.

Some people can see a film and know in the end that the gangster will end up dead or on a bus to prison but for some reason that never scares them from trying to get the same fame that the gangster has in the film. Most kids are fascinated with gangsters because of their lavish and glorious lifestyle that are portrayed by he media.

Those that perpetuate the notion of what constitutes the gangster himself but also his environment, motivation and modus operandi. Nino and Gee decide to take over an entire apartment building in Harlem called The Carter for their base of operations.

Ice-T was alright, this was before his slide into the video store. This movie is definitely a New York movie. However it New jack city essay on the individual that watches these types of films and what they gather from it.

On the performances front,Snipes is ideally cast as the cool-as-ice gangster crimelord,practically playing him in his sleep,while fine support comes from Peebles,Ice-T and Judd Nelson as the men in charge of bringing him down.

Characters are rather well developed. This film is a product of not just a physical and temporal environment, but a psychological, social, political and moral environment so different from our own today.

Movies such as these were made to show people the rise and fall of a gangster. On the outs with his own department, he gets a rare door back in when his superior gets the green light to head up a task force to take down Nino Brown.

When they see a gangster in the neighborhood, everyone is nice to him out of fear not respect but as a child, he will grow up thinking that type of lifestyle is o. Take for instance, if a person has never been to the projects and had seen this type of activity take place; they may watch one of these films and not get Influenced by it.

The best example is the moral tone of the movie. He reminded me, more than anything, of John Woo as the old mentor cop in his "Hard Boiled". All of it seems just a bit out of place, a relic of a time before we started "winning" the War on Crime.

The synopsis below may give away important plot points. Nino tells Scotty about how he joined his first gang: Scotty gets in with Nino, even protecting him from an irate man Bill Cobbs.

They enlist Frankie to arrange a meet with Gee Money, posing as big-time buyers who want to cut a side deal with Gee. The film has a quick pace. Mario van Peebles has a comparitively smaller role as the police superior behind the scenes. Where this movie starts to crack a bit is largely based on where and when it was produced and the purpose that it was intended for at the time.

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As the director of the film as well,Peebles has also updated it to the more modern time of He is also extremely fallible: All he has is his power and he wants more of it.

This message along with the film, itself, should deserve mention in any film that has a positive message, and "New Jack City" will always be an extraordinary gangster classic that will continue to teach people about the choices that we make and how it will determine whether or not we will reach our downfalls.

Together they drive out any protesting tenants and other crime lords, terrorizing and shooting them openly on the streets in full view of local witnesses. While he has Nino pinned to the sidewalk, he tells him that he knows Nino murdered his mother.

We have been "winning" the war on crime. New Jack was in a similar vein, but of a different type. I just happened to see this movie again recently on cable shortly after seeing "Traffic": In a way Neno was like a ghetto Robinhood.

Paretti agrees to help. While the drug dealers, even with some good character development, are shown to be primarily mindlessly greedy and ambitious and totally self-absorbed. He is the classic movie cop since Dirty Harry: Neno then builds a street team to help run his empire.

We even tacitly admit that the US President used cocaine. Watch it next to "Traffic".May 01,  · There is a moment in “New Jack City” when Nino Brown, a character who has made millions by selling cocaine to poor blacks, relaxes in his suburban mansion.

He has his own screening room and is viewing “Scarface,” the Al Pacino movie about a drug lord. Nino brags to his girlfriend that he will never make the mistakes the guy made in the movie—but as he stands in front of the screen /5.

The Influence of Ganster Films such as New Jack City and Menace to Society Warshow began the essay saying “America is committed to a cheerful view of life”. Warshow is referring particularly to the movies but also to comic books and pulp fiction. Apply your knowledge of family and households, education and crime and devieance to the film New Jack City.

What sociological example did you observe and. The title of the movie is New Jack City starring Ice-T as Scotty, Wesley Snipes as Nino Brown, Allen Payne as G-Money, and Chris Rock as Pookie.

New Jack City and movies like it influence the way the world sees the African American community. In this essay I am going to analyse the radio essay ” Poverty is a State of Mind” by Bernard.

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The Influence of Ganster Films such as New Jack City and Menace to Society

New Jack City is a good film that teaches (without preaching) the dangers of drug use and those individuals who would use it for their own gain. The film centers around Nino Brown a drug lord who rises to power with his gang by capitalizing on the drug of choice (at the time) crack cocaine.

He soon builds a huge empire known as the CMB.

New jack city essay
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