Our neighbourhood essay

Everyone has come to appreciate that everything, including those that do not belong to us directly, but from which we derive utility, must be protected first by ourselves before we look at anyone else.

The daughter is still a child but a very charming one.

I have many neighbours, but the best among them is the one who lives on my left. He is a doctor by profession. The cool breeze gets to brush gently over your face bringing you the sweet scent of some flowers over somewhere close.

Not too long ago we were part of a bustling industry town where almost every family had someone working in the steel mill, the textiles plant or the coal mine. Fortunately, I am one of them. During fall, the landscape usually has a beautiful appearance courtesy of brightly colored leaves of red, green, and yellow.

He is a true servant of suffering humanity. The Shuklas have a high civic sense. She comes to my house and plays with my sisters.

My Neighborhood Essay Sample

He makes no distinction between one patient and another. I live in Karachi which is a very big city.

My Neighborhood Essay

Theatre is also available at areas such as Richmond Center for Performing Arts. Recreational facilities are all over. A visit to Richmond Hill Ontario would also reveal happy families and zoo life. This is the place where one is likely to meet social people from different diverse group.

There are now a new generation of Scottish Congolese who were born here after their families settled in the area. However, all of this is superficial and if you look beyond the rather shabby exterior, you will find the people of our neighborhood and they are the ones who make it! He is very hardworking.

Then, of course, there are the other people living in the community. How lucky we are to have the Shuklas as our neighbours!

He has never charged any fees for attending any patient in the locality. Their children too are spoilt ones.May 15,  · One of his sons is of my age and all our programmes of study and recreation go jointly, Inspire of their wealth and status, they are not at all proud.

My neighbour shares joys and sorrows of. My neighborhood was an amusement park full of fun and games.

Every day my sisters and I would set on on a new adventure. Our home was a wooden, traditional, one-story home with a built on porch/5(5).

I like to say that my life has been one of constant motion. I have grown up in many different neighborhoods, schools, and with people from all sorts of backgrounds. - Comparing The Speckled Band and Neighbourhood Watch In this essay I' am going to compare & contrast two detective stories.

A pre-twentieth century story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle called 'The Speckled Band' & a modern story by Colin Dexter called Neighbourhood Watch. A good neighbour is a great blessing. On the other hand, a bad neighbour is a curse. A good neighbour makes life worth living by sharing our joys and sorrows but a bad neighbour is a source of constant trouble and nuisance.

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Essay on my Neighbours for School Students

My Neighborhood Essay. My Neighborhood & The People Who Make It. However, all of this is superficial and if you look beyond the rather shabby exterior, you will find the people of our neighborhood and they are the ones who make it!

Our neighbourhood essay
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