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Could computers and applications be used better, and if so, how? Writing the Term Paper This section is not normally a part of a term paper. Consider the application carefully. Basic Description This section may have a number of subsections.

Portfolio Project Description 5 Points Week 4: In Paper and final paper the participant must be able to articulate an understanding and integration of the course material including the lectures, reading and discussion.

Participants who use Select Learning courses to meet ELCA candidacy requirements for academic preparation or for other certification processes, must write a paper for each course.

So how might this new theory be put to the test? Whatever the deadline or level of complexity, you can trust us to Paper and final.

Term Paper: Final Term Paper Guidelines

What is important is that the section as a whole be logically organized and easy to follow. View gallery - 2 images Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking passed away earlier this year, but his legacy to science will live on. The participant should use the following questions to guide preparation of the paper: Finally, please mention any particular problems you had, or any amusing stories, related to writing this paper!

Or, each subsectin could address a small unit of a complex process. You will create your presentation about this person or event from the perspective of Paper and final historical personality who lived at the same time as the person or event you are going to describe.

A primary source is any source, document or artifact that was created at the time of the event. Definition of a Primary Source: The universe that emerged from that state is also finite, making it far simpler to deal with — and test scientifically. As always, if you have questions, please see the instructor or a TA, or send us email.

Basedon your research and earlier knowledge of the area, please point out areas that are not yet using computers or applications, but that would benefit from doing so. Address the general importance of the person or event in the context of U. Hertog says the most promising "smoking gun" for the model would be the detection of primordial gravitational waves, ripples through spacetime generated at the beginning of time.

Turn the paper in within 2 weeks of the completion of the course. How might it have relevance for your life? Are the applications sophsticated enough for experts?

Then polish your thoughts, ideas, and their expression until you are satisfied you have done the best job you can.

Stephen Hawking's final paper bursts the multiverse bubble with a Holographic Universe theory

If you do not do this, you will find reconstructing the list of references, and what you used each for, very difficult! A secondary source, by contrast, is written by a historian or someone writing about the event after it happened.

Discussion In this section, apply the insights you learned from the class to the topic of this paper. Personal Assessment In this section, use the points mentioned in section 4.

Holography, meanwhile, is the idea that the entire universe exists as a hologram, described as 3D spaces that can be mathematically reduced to a 2D projection on a surface. The new paper, authored by Hawking and Professor Thomas Hertog, adds to the literature with a new understanding of a theory known as eternal inflation.

Introduction This subsection states your topic, or describes your narrowed subject area.

Final Paper Guidelines

Include between 10 to 14 paragraphs of information, either in text or audio narration. References This section begins on a new page and contains all your references: You should first write a rough draft, in the format below.

For your historical personality, try to select someone from an under-represented population examples of possible perspectives include that of Anne Hutchinson, Pocahontas, or Sojourner Truth.

Upon completion, the reflection paper is submitted for approval in the following manner: Some questions that might help you do this are:May 07,  · Alan Turing's last paper may help produce fresh, clean drinking water someday soon.

Free Essay: Organization and Structure in a Business Setting Derek Aguilar MGT Danielle Camacho June 3, Organization and Structure in a Business.

Students should keep in mind as they prepare and respond to discussion questions that these are stepping stones for a final paper. Students who are Deacon candidates but entered under the Associate in Ministry guidelines or are taking the course for any other certification will need to write a page reflection paper.

His final theory on the origin of the universe has now been published, and it offers an interesting departure from earlier ideas about the nature of the “multiverse.”.

Stephen Hawking's Final Paper Proposes Way to Detect the 'Multiverse'

A NASA scientist's final scientific paper, published posthumously this month, reveals new insights into one of the most complex challenges of Earth's climate. College essay writing service Question description For the final Portfolio Project, create a presentation.

You may use Prezi, VoiceThread, PowerPoint, YouTube, or a website, for example. This presentation must be about a person or an event (choose one relevant to your major area of study or of interest to you) from a period of U.S. [ ].

Paper and final
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