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Nick Park, the director of Chicken Run in my opinion has created a comedy film, but if looked into deeper the story is all about the chickens struggle for freedom. Panning is used to follow a moving object or character, or to show more than can fit into a single frame, such as panning across a landscape.

This is confirmed in another close up when Ginger cries emotionally as Edwina is taken away to the slaughter. To show how Nick Park has illustrated the different aspects of the film I will explore and examine the devices used in the film such as; the setting, sound effects, lighting, camera angles, character interaction, body language and props.

The lighting in Chicken Run is very important as it brings out the best of the films actions that take place. Another good high angle shot is when Mr Tweedy repeatedly throws Ginger into the coal bunker and we see him looking down at her, she is helpless and he is in control, another great shot showing how a high angled camera emphasises vulnerability.

Also during the same shot Mrs Tweedie is wearing a bright pink dressing gown with fluffy pink slippers and hat, however her body language is stern and evil, as her hands are on her hips standing above Mr Tweedie and dogs making her a powerful and authoritative character.

The huge metal structure looks very large and powerful and this is effective because when Ginger is taken as the first to be turned into a pie, its huge compared to the size of Ginger and it looks like Mrs Tweedy has bought a colossal death trap for them all. Crane shot is when the camera moves up or down, as if it were on a physical crane adding Presentational devices in chicken run essay into the shot.

It shows how determined and fixed Mrs Tweedy is on making money out of the chickens because with the huge fences and guard dogs there is very little chance of the chickens escaping.

Music is used with good effect in the film, the first bit used to good effect is at the start when we see Ginger trying lots of escape roots and always getting caught, the same tune gets repeated over and it ends on the same not each time Ginger is thrown into the coal bunker as a punishment for trying to escape.

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They add to show the growing ever present good and evil characteristics shown in Ginger and Mrs Tweedy, respectively.

Ginger however wears bright clothes these include a small green hat and a red scarf draped around her neck. The chicken hutches are aligned like the huts of the prisoners captured and housed in a prisoner of war camp during the war; this immediately sets the scene of a light-hearted parody for the audience.

High angle shots are used to look down at a character; making them look inferior and vulnerable, this is in contrast to a low angle shot as it does the opposite, making the character look superior exaggerating their importance.

The audience grasp from this the parallel again between the chicken farm and a POW camp and again the parallel between Mrs Tweedy and an evil German commander. From this high angle shot we see that farm also has a high barbed wire perimeter fence with razor wire along the top edge.

An example of an effective close up shot is at the beginning of the film when the chickens are trying numerous methods to escape their captivity, the farm and Mrs Tweedy. Also a big close up is used occasionally to show depth in a character emotion, which adds the build up in tension.

I think this costume makes her seem innocent and reasonably calm. The shot is also used when Ginger is looking at the poster of rocky and sees him flying this gives her the idea to try and fly over the boundary fence to escape. Zoom is used to show someone or something in detail, this creates attention as the camera is magnifying on to something.

This has an impact on the audience and their understanding of the film when watching, as it influences and persuades their thinking.

Close up shots are used by film producers to zoom in on a characters face to show emotions via their facial expressions. This music is extremely effective as it aids the portrayal of them working as a united force a team coming together working harder and harder to achieve their common goal of escaping the farm.

A great mid angle shot is taking in the large barn involving Mr and Mrs Tweedy, Mr Tweedy is bent over and as Mrs Tweedy comes past she kicks him over, this shows the lack of respect she has even for her own husband and again brings to light her evil and callous ways.

Along with varied camera angles a lot of other presentational devices are found in the film. Close up camera shots are used to show great detail in a certain part of a scene, such as focusing on a characters face to show their expression or reaction.

The other chickens to seem to realise the exact predicament they are going to be in. However, medium shots are used so that the setting is shown although the main focus is on the character.

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The costume suits her nature down to the ground she looks prepared and always ready which she is for the multiple escape attempts she tries. It uses chickens on a chicken farm to represent captured soldiers in a prisoner of war camp.

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They do all the moves in unison and it shows their determination again to achieve their common goal.Presentational Devices in Chicken Run Essay Words | 8 Pages. Presentational Devices in Chicken Run Chicken Run is an animated film about a group of chickens trying to escape from a chicken farm.

Presentational Devices in Chicken Run - Presentational Devices in Chicken Run Chicken Run is an animated film about a group of chickens trying to escape from a chicken farm.

Chicken Run

The film is a spoof of the film 'The Great Escape' and as with that film there are characters, who represent good and characters who represent evil. Chicken Run - Sample Essay My essay is based on the film ‘Chicken Run’ and how the films makers use presentational devices to reveal good and evil in the characters of Ginger and Mrs Tweedie in.

Essay on Presentational Devices in Film Chicken Run - Presentational Devices in Film Chicken Run In the film ‘Chicken Run’ the film makers use a variety of presentational devices to show the good or evil nature of the characters in the film.

These include lighting, music, setting and sound affects. Presentational Devices Used in the movie "Chicken Run" Summary: How "Chicken Run" filmmakers use presentational devices to portray Mrs. Tweedy as an evil character and Ginger as a good character. This essay is going to investigate how film makers use presentational devices, to create more meaning to the film for the audience.

I will look at how camera angles, close ups, music, scenery and lighting are used to create the desired effect.

Presentational devices in chicken run essay
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