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As a symbol, Pearl represents that nature. Inside the good minister, however, is a storm raging between holiness and self-torture. When Dimmesdale leaves the forest with his escape plan in mind, he is tempted to sin on numerous occasions during his journey back to the village.

Simple patterns of nature such as a meteor Scarlet letter pearl thesis through the sky Scarlet letter pearl thesis a deeply religious meaning.

The context determines the meaning. Likewise, colors — such as red, gray, and black — play a role in the symbolic nature of the background and scenery. Hester is a Fallen Woman with a symbol of her guilt.

Hester gains a unique understanding of humanity and the struggles of other people. She bravely bears her punishment and continues to live there.

Dimmesdale is a symbol of hypocrisy and moral weakness.

The scarlet letter was her passport into regions where other women dared not tread. He will be able to give his Election Sermon and "fulfill his public duties" before escaping. Colors play a similar role to light and darkness. He is able to sway the stricter Reverend John Wilson.

But, similar to the characters, the context determines what role the light or colors play. Black and gray are colors associated with the Puritans, gloom, death, sin, and the narrow path of righteousness through the forest of sin.

When they go to the forest and Hester removes the A, Pearl makes her put it back on. It is also part of the description of the jail in Chapter 1, the scene of sin and punishment. Thus, using his characters as symbols, Hawthorne discloses the grim underside of Puritanism that lurks beneath the public piety.

However, nearby is the forest, home of the Black Man but also a place of freedom. Just as Dimmesdale cannot escape to Europe because Chillingworth has cut off his exit, Pearl always keeps Hester aware that there is no escape from her passionate nature. An Embodiment of the Tradition of Romanticism?

There, we see her at the age of three and learn that she possesses a "rich and luxuriant beauty; a beauty that shone with deep and vivid tints; a bright complexion, eyes possessing intensity both of depth and glow, and hair already of a deep, glossy brown and which, in after years, would be nearly akin to black.

She is also very perceptive of the relationship between Hester and Arthur. He often uses a mirror to symbolize the imagination of the artist; Pearl is a product of that imagination. In literature, a symbol is most often a concrete object used to represent an idea more abstract and broader in scope and meaning — often a moral, religious, or philosophical concept or value.

If so, Pearl is the embodiment of that passion. Rather, she is a complicated symbol of an act of love and passion, an act which was also adultery.

Predominant colors are black and gray, and the gloom of the community is omnipresent. Three chapters that contain a multitude of color images are Chapters 5, 11, and Hawthorne has a perfect atmosphere for the symbols in The Scarlet Letter because the Puritans saw the world through allegory.

Ultimately, he manages to redeem his soul, albeit quite late.

Christian Values in the Scarlet Letter Hester Prynne is scorned by almost everyone in the town when she is Scarlet letter pearl thesis to be pregnant by a man who is not her husband.

Chillingworth loses his reason to live when Dimmesdale eludes him at the scaffold in the final scenes of the novel. A sample essay is added below to help inspire your literary analysis.

The forest represents a natural world, governed by natural laws, as opposed to the artificial, Puritan community with its man-made laws. This is a passion that does not know the bounds of the Puritan village.

Hester realizes this in the first scaffold scene when she resists the temptation to hold Pearl in front of the scarlet A, "wisely judging that one token of her shame would but poorly serve to hide another. Pearl is the living embodiment of this viewpoint, and the mirror image makes that symbol come to life.

Meanwhile, it eats at him over the years, eventually leading to his early death. He only reveals his true identity to her, then seeks to bring about what destruction he can.

For them, simple patterns, like the meteor streaking through the sky, became religious or moral interpretations for human events. In all these examples, the meaning of the symbol depends on the context and sometimes the interpreter. This idea is broader in meaning and scope, and is usually a religious, philosophical or moral concept.The Scarlet Letter Thesis Statement Essay (98).

This seems to suggest that truth was once again revealed to Hester whenever Pearl noticed the scarlet letter and it shows how Pearl seemed to know the significance of the. In The Scarlet Letter, Nathanial Hawthorne made it quite evident that Pearl was a very symbolic character.

As we know, following Hester’s act. - Pearl is The Scarlet Letter Pearl is the living embodiment of the scarlet letter because she forces Hester and Dimmesdale to accept their sins.

The Puritan society looks at Pearl as a child of the devil, and a black hearted girl because she is the result of sin. Critical Essays; Symbolism in The Scarlet Letter; The Puritan Setting of The his public piety is a disdainful act when he worries that his congregation will see his features in Pearl's face.

Dimmesdale's inner struggle is intense, and he struggles to do the right thing. The Scarlet Letter's first chapter ends with an admonition to. A good thesis statement describing Pearl in the Scarlet Letter would be stating that Pearl is a symbol of the love, lust, sacrifice, guilt, and shame that Hester felt, and hence is an extension of.

The Scarlet Letter

Pearl is among the characters that are complex and elaborate in the novel scarlet letter. Pearl is the daughter illegitimate daughter of Author Dimmesdale and Hester Prynne.

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