Seaside convalescent care center

Because of the stress and exhausted and feeling defeated Mindy started to ignore and avoid the nursing stuff. It might not be in the budget, but employees cannot be over worked. If nurse Seaside convalescent care center not following the guidelines, discipline action should be taken place.

The only people will be harmed is the patient. Furthermore, she made an effort to build good relationships with the nurse. Due to the nursing shortage at the facility nurse were over worked, which led them to quite when the lucrative tourist season came along.

Health care Atchison wrote about this process in his book Followership. One of the distinguishing characteristics of healthcare organization is that the professional staff needs to work closely and collaboratively to meet patient needs.

When provided with clear description of the position, the right type of applicants will apply for the position. A true leader will recognize the importance of getting respect, not simply compliance, from the people who follow.

In her third month she delegated the task of oversight the nursing staff to Ann. The second thing, Mindy needs to do performance evaluation every quart. By providing a job description when posting position. One of the major challenges Mindy had to deal with was nursing aides, because they were not motivated to work their best of their abilities.

First and foremost, Mindy needs to change her hiring process. Efficient team function can only occur when each carefully selected team member knows the goal s of the team. Employee should know that, until they find another position, they attitude, motivation and communication should not change.

Already into her third month working at the facility, Mindy lack of communication already has put disinterested between the staff, only to perpetuate the problem over time.

A self-absorbed administrator will not make a good leader. The leader who understands this is on the way to greatness and will create a much more meaningful work environment.

This will lead on find employees with good organizational fit, someone who is positive, which will create a successful environment.

This may require hiring some average nurses or new graduate, but I believe that this will keep the decent nurses from leaving because they are being over working.

If Mindy does keep the way the facility is, the employee will lose the respect in her, and even maybe the facility will close down. When an employee decides to quit, Mindy should give a survey, by answering why question?

She hand over the position to a veteran nurse with much more experience, releasing herself from the responsible, which gave herself more time to deal with the logistics part of the center. As the new administrator Mindy was encourage to make major changes to help to turn around the poor reputation the facility had over the years.

One way to solve this problem is hire more nurse, which will cover more shift, and will decrease the overtime. This type of approached lead to a lot of overtime and double shift. Ann had a background of manager experience, which helped her to get the nursing staff to where they needed to be.

Research has shown that one of the main reason found for nurses and aids leaving their jobs in nursing homes was the issue of understaffing. Before handing over the position to another nurse, Mindy tried to improve their training and by making their job more meaningful.

Seaside convalescent care center

A key outcome of the performance evaluation is the setting of performance improvement goals, actions to achieve the improvements, and priorities for action.Seaside Convalescent Care Center By ; Oscar Robles ' Junius Murphy Mehdi Mohammad Ali introduction Does the change in management responsibility bodes well for Seaside Convalescent?

Read this essay on Seaside Convalescent Care Center. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Only at". Free Essay: Seaside Convalescent Care Center Case Study Atchison () wrote about this process in his book Followership.

He describes followership as. Seaside Convalescent Care Center Case Study Atchison () wrote about this process in his book Followership. He describes followership as complementary to leadership and recommends that it be recognized as a necessary component for an effective leader.

At Seaside we strive to make the Medicare process simple and easy to understand so you are able to determine what your coverage will cover. Please contact us to help you answer any specific questions about Medicare that aren't answered here Why Seaside?

Care Options; Services; Staff. Seaside Health Center is a skilled nursing home and therapy center at Atlantic Shores Retirement Community, located in beautiful and sunny Virginia Beach, VA. For additional information on all that Seaside has to offer, call today, drop in for a .

Seaside convalescent care center
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