Should people be forced to retire

However, if the score shows a decrease in their ability to a certain degree to which they are unable to continue in their positions; retirement can then be enforced upon the exam writers. Physical jobs that require extreme fitness, however, can be said as another case.

Some people should be forced to retire. When Should People Retire? Having compulsory retirement allows new ideas in an organization. With many young people unemployed or frustrated in low-level positions, there are often calls to compulsorily retire older workers.

This causes other employees to have to redo most of the work she has "performed" and are told not to say anything to her. Submit I believe companies should be able to make someone retire. Age alone is no guarantee of ability. To force someone to resign or retire at 60 or 65 indicates that the society does not value the input of these people and that effectively their useful life is over.

With an average lifespan of over seventy years for men and over eighty years for women in Canada, retiring at sixty-five becomes a waste of those who are still able to continue on with their careers. She works in the office.

Other people, however, despite being fit and highly talented, are forced to retire in their or even earlier because of company or national regulations. First of all, older employees have an immense amount of knowledge and experience which can be lost to a business or organization if they are made to retire.

She has worked for this company for 13 years. However, a more important point is regarding the attitudes in society to old people. It makes it harder on everyone else, and they actually serve no beneficial purpose to the work place.

When Should People Retire?

There are several arguments for allowing older people to continue working as long as they are able. She falls asleep at her desk several times a week and has to be woken up. Should there be a compulsory retirement age? A second point is that older employees are often extremely loyal employees and are more willing to implement company policies than younger less committed staff.

This essay will examine whether people should be allowed to continue working for as long as they want or whether they should be encouraged to retire at a particular stage.

She is constantly panicking over the simplest things and yelling at employees and customers over issues she has thought up herself that are non-existent. She should not be working, and does not have to work. She still tries to complete tasks using the methods this company used years ago rather than the new, more efficient methods she is told to use.

People who work as construction workers, for example, need to have a good physique in order to operate machinery and to relocate certain materials needed for construction. State of physical abilities progresses in a down-hill decline much more quickly than that of mental abilities; at sixty-five, it can be said for the majority that physical work is no longer suitable.May 01,  · Do you have a plan in place if you are forced to retire?iStock #1: Do I need to work?

What should I do with my (k)? For many people, their (k) is the biggest asset that they have. 5 Common Reasons People Retire Early Many people are forced into retirement ahead of schedule. When should people be made to retire?

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55? 65? Should there be a compulsory retirement age? Many old people work well into their 70s and 80s, running families, countries or corporations.

Other people, however, despite being fit and highly talented, are forced to retire in their or even earlier. I was more or less forced out of my job at 62, while intending to work to Should people retire or does it decrease their happiness?

Update Cancel. ad by All your infrastructure, in one place. "Should people retire or does it decrease their happiness?" Retirement means, I assume, to stop working at a job for a living. The Ideal Retirement Age – And Why You Won’t Retire Then Many people are forced into early retirement because of a health problem or layoff.

By Emily Brandon, Staff Writer. People over seventy should be forced to retire. They made it in the work force, and the younger generation should be given a chance. The average lifespan is eighty.

Should people be forced to retire
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