Software project management assignment essay

Examples can be from work experience, research, study group experience, for example.

The communications facility consists of a polled network and will be based on dial-up lines from the head office to the individual stores.

At this point in time, Software project management assignment essay yourself a consultant who has to bid for the software development piece of the project upon which this system is based.

Question task1 Your task for this part of the assessment item is to answer the following two questions. The system will also relieve the store personnel of the tedious task of generating sales and performance reports as required by the head office. TCO 5 A firm hosts eCommerce transactions for other companies.

In your WBS, how many work packages have been created? Give an example of each. List and discuss the major risk management functions from a project management perspective for the eCommerce project.

It will also need to be installed and tested on the system. Elizabeth — 10 days Payment Resolution — Application code to accept cash and debit transfers as payment for the order total. However, for best efficiency the team has decided that it is best to schedule the completion of one task before the next task is started by the same resource.

Your next task is to transfer the entire design to Microsoft Project so that you can clearly establish a timeline for the project based on detailed planning and costs associated with your preferred choice including resource utilisation.

In responding to the above points, be sure to: Jenny — 5 days Report Generator — Applications code to respond to a request from the communications interface to generate specific reports and return data as a file for sending to the state office in block mode.

Sam — 5 days Database Access Library — Library applications that accept queries from the transaction processor and return data requested by the transaction. Richard — 5 days, Jenny — 7 days, Harry — 6 days, and Ellie — 5 days Beta test This test is to be conducted by actual users in several of the retail outlets.

Includes confirmation transaction and error recovery. You have selected Microsoft Project as a software tool to assist in the development of your proposal.

No development resources are allocated to this test. The rate at which the product is actually installed and delivered to operating personnel depends on the availability of resources and plans from the individual stores. To ensure you have a clear scope for your team, create a 2-level WBS.

Jenny — 4 days Order Generation — Application code that accepts as input a specific item and returns the economic lot quantity and other pertinent vendor data. Harry — 3 days Receipt Processor — Application code that accepts input from the receiving dock via either scanner or keyboard to signal the receipt of stock.

TCO 3 Compare and contrast fast tracking and scope reduction as means of schedule compression.

Your project design has divided the work into sufficiently small increments that this strategy can be successfully applied.use an industry standard project management software tool (Microsoft Project); apply project management skills, methods, techniques and tools to a real world problem typical of a project manager; Get a 20 % discount on an order above $ 1.

(TCO 1) Compare and contrast the project charter and the project scope as used in project management. 2. (TCO 2) You are a project manager for a new hardware/software project. Project Management Essays Bidding for Event Management The objective of the project is to win the bid for the logistics, event management and coordination for the event at the WAFL Grand Final.

Project Management Sample Assignment Words | 17 Pages. Association for Project Management (APM) suggests that the project business case provides justification for undertaking a project by evaluating benefit, cost and alternative options.

A Survey of Project Management Websites - This assignment calls for an internet search of four project management-related terms and a summarization of three websites regarding one of these topics as well as the Project Management Institute’s website. Software project management assignment help by a team of experienced professionals who have in depth knowledge.

Get Ideas for project management assignment now. A descriptive essay on different ways that can be adopted for the purpose of management of a major change management process taking place within an organization/5(K).

Software project management assignment essay
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