Temple university transfer application essay

Learn more about visiting the Harrisburg Campus Apply Learn more about how you can apply for undergraduate admission to Temple University Harrisburg as a first-year applicant, check your application status, or submit a renewal application.

See Honors for Academic Achievement. We have found that approximately 1, words is an effective length to address these essay topics: Tyler has a policy of rolling admissions.

Exceptions may be considered on appeal. Main Campus and online beginning Summer I Format: Re-Enrollment Policy All applicants must submit a Temple University undergraduate application, indicating Tyler and major where appropriate.

Examples of acceptable electronic documentation include, but are not limited to: Re-evaluation of credits will be done by the academic advisor in the schools and colleges, in consultation with the General Education Program when necessary, according to standard Temple policies and procedures.

Students with fewer than 45 transfer credits and have not completed an approved degree at a GenEd-to-GenEd partner institution, complete the full GenEd Program. Transfer credits do not count towards academic residency.

It tells us something about you beyond your grades and standardized test scores. To earn a degree from Temple, students must complete at least 45 semester hours of the last 60 semester hours as a matriculated student at Temple, fulfill all university requirements the General Education Program and fulfill all degree requirements of the Temple school or college in which they are enrolled.

To be eligible for Dual Admissions, students must enroll in the Dual Admissions Program at the partner institution before completing 30 college credits, including credit from any colleges previously attended.

Students must meet the academic residency requirement that requires students to complete 45 of the last 60 credits be taken at Temple University. May 1 Students will be automatically considered for merit-based scholarships at the time of application review.

Additional requirements for Advanced Standing applicants: Transfer evaluations may change for students who change majors or if additional transcripts or scores are received.

Apply to Temple

Once you choose the Temple Option, test scores will no longer be considered. Students will need to provide the syllabus used in each class to be evaluated along with the qualifications of the instructor of the course.

Transfer courses will be applied to major and minor requirements first and then to GenEd. Currently, all literature, history, and political science CLEP exams require an additional Temple essay in order to receive credit for these tests. Temple University Undergraduate Admissions reviews all academic credentials upon the receipt of the completed application including portfolio reviewfee, transcripts, and test scores.

Admissions at Temple University

Part time only Students must have access to proper technology and be able to attend the three-day, in-person training. You need a minimum of 16 units in academic subjects from the above chart.

Re-evaluation of credits will be done first by Undergraduate Admissions. Please have official transcripts mailed to: For students new to Temple: Temple also awards college credits fro students who participated in the Advanced Placement program while in high school.

Learn more about specific technology requirements for the online program. Any exemptions to this policy will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the MSW program director. Undergraduate applicants can get their AccessNet username or password at the following web site: A WES evaluation www.

International students will find complete information and a special application at the Temple Undergraduate Admissions web site. Applicants must submit official transcripts from high schools and each college previously attended.

Additional requirements for international students: We suggest you take either test in the spring of your junior year in high school, as well as in the fall of your senior year.The average GPA for entering transfer students is a +. Temple requires the same high school units of transfer students as of freshmen.

Temple University accepts for transfer credit most college-level, The following GenEd policies for transfer students apply only to University GenEd requirements. Helpful information about undergraduate, graduate, professional and international admissions to Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.

Temple University. Temple University Admissions. Go to Main Content Freshman deadline (Rolling Admissions): February 1; Transfer deadline: June 1; Graduate Applications: Applications are now being accepted. Temple University Undergraduate Admissions reviews all academic credentials upon the receipt of the completed application (including portfolio review), fee, transcripts, and test scores.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to arrange a portfolio review for the appropriate program. Transfer Applicant. We may review your high school work as part of our admissions decision. Essay: Tool is designed to help current and prospective students determine how their college-level academic credits may transfer to Temple University.

Use these tables to find the current listing of available Temple equivalents to classes at. Prospective undergraduate students may apply to the Fox School through Temple University’s undergraduate admissions website.

You may also apply through the An essay, minimum of words, that reveals more about you than your grades and standardized test scores Your Path to Success Starts Here. Visit the Fox School Contact Us Apply.

Temple university transfer application essay
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