The benefits of capital punishment

Capital Punishment is the best way to remove such diseased people from the society. Less damage is adopted to prevent more. The death penalty punishment is still available in four of the most populous countries in the world, including China, India, Indonesia, and the United States.

It is humane, clean and safe. According to a study by Emory University professors, each execution deters an average of 18 murders and speeding up executions strengthens the deterrent effect, for every 2.

Do the advantages of capital punishment outweigh the disadvantages or is it the opposite? We will use the U. Heinous criminal activities such as rape, treason, murder, terrorism, etc can be drastically reduced when the death penalty is practiced.

The endless appeals and required additional procedures clog our court system. If all people who are convicted will be executed, mistakes will be made and many people will be put to death through legal injection even if they do not deserve to be.

Unfortunately, in many places where the death penalty is practiced, a capital offence whether it was committed on impulse or not warrants a death sentence. Some people can change. Critics argue that the death penalty does not really deter criminals from committing offenses.

Capital punishment is arguably the greatest deterrent to criminals and potential criminals.

The benefits of Capital Punishment outweighs the harms

Some of the countries where capital punishment has been abolished include South Africa, Gabon, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Without harsh punishments for their offenses, criminals will be taking advantage of weaker people and victims. The advantages of the capital punishment death penalty Supporters of the practice of capital punishment give so many reasons why capital punishment should not be abolished.

Its primary aim is to preserve life and remove crime in society not the criminal. The disadvantages of capital punishment death penalty While some people are in favor of the death penalty, others are strongly against it. The Disadvantages of Death Penalty Though there are scientific methods available to investigate the crime, nothing is guaranteed.

Even the perpetrators should be given this privilege.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Death Penalty

No human has a right to infringe the right to life of any individual, irrespective of his deeds. If the criminal can dare to snatch away liberty, peace, lives from any individual then the justice says that he should also be deprived of all these facilities leading to a comfortable life it the society.

It is only fair that a person who deliberately commits murder should also have his life taken away from him by the state through the death penalty. According to a former executioner, there are many people who have participated in executions whose lives were later destroyed. This is not as bad as it may sound, because this is the price we as citizens must pay to protect ourselves.

Among the many reasons they give include the following: Life in prison is a worse punishment and a more effective deterrent. It deters bad people to commit heinous crimes. Here is a description of how a prisoner will be executed by a firing squad: I see the logic in this argument but what makes me wonder is the claim that this will be more ethical than lethal injection.

Here, it is obvious that it would have been very reasonable for authorities to have given him the capital punishment instead of letting such a person live and making the tax payer keep spending money in feeding and clothing him only for him to escape at the end of the day and continue killing innocent people.

These people argue that no matter how severe the crime a person committed was, it is inhumane to punish the person by killing him or her. Justice is for everyone.

A person is less likely to do something, if he or she thinks that harm will come to him. This is because criminals or potential criminals are afraid of death.One reason supporters of the capital punishment are for death penalty is its effectiveness as a crime deterrent.

According to the advocates for death sentencing, potential criminals will be scared to suffer such harsh punishment and as a result, they will be hesitant to commit crimes like rape and murder. Contention 3: Capital Punishment can save the state money. Executions have been thought to be costly and timely, however, different forms of punishment can take different amounts of money.

The most common form of execution, lethal injection, can be substituted by something less costly but still efficient as a firing squad. The paper contends that the use of cost-benefit analysis (CBA) for or against capital punishment is problematic insofar as CBA (1) commodifies and thus reduces the value of human life and (2) cannot quantify all costs and benefits.

Capital Punishment is considered to be the gravest of all punishments on earth. Everybody has its own point of view on the suitability of this punishment, which often grows into a never ending debate.

With capital punishment, the offender or one who has committed a crime is punished by being put to death. The manner of death the offender suffers can come in a variety of ways. Examples include: through the firing squad, through the use of lethal injection, through hanging, by stoning, etc.

Nov 19,  · Advantages of Capital Punishment There are many advantages associated with the capital punishment, which is the reason why certain countries like China and the United States still actively practice mi-centre.coms: 4.

The benefits of capital punishment
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