The usage of newspapers in esl

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I made a video based upon the five ideas and you can watch it below but I have also written up explanatory notes to accompany the video. It, too, is designed to assist in reading and language arts skill areas for students at various levels of literacy.

Discuss in pairs and report back to the class for further discussion. The class, "New Americans: Students could have different articles or the same article — it is up to you.

What type of work do they do? Talking about jobs and how to find one is particularly relevant if you are teaching foreign adult students in an English speaking country. Why or why not? Which newspapers do you read and why? I found that this freedom, would take the discussion in new and interesting directions that I could not have foreseen.

BoxEl Paso, TX, While some said that they read them in their native language, others said that they read them in English. They can paste each picture on a separate sheet of paper and staple the sheets together in the order they will appear in the story.

Why or why not?

Five Ways to Use Newspapers in the EFL Classroom

Include cartoons and pictures which can be adapted for learners of various levels. Newspapers, a cultural and community constant in American life, can help newcomers acquire literacy skills and useful information at the same time. You can also cut up a number of articles and headlines.

Why is the headline often misleading? They will design the cover, including titles that will make people want to read the articles and pictures that will catch their attention. In Brownsville, TX, a class meets twice weekly using this approach.

There is a deep satisfaction in being able to speed read and understand what you read.

Using English Newspapers in the ESL/EFL Classroom

To learn more about speed reading, click HERE Develop critical thinking skills: Student present to the class and then you provide feedback and correction where necessary.

After that, they can give the message to the pal. The final group of students with the article could think of a headline or a corresponding image to go with it.

Hand out different headlines and ask students to write up full sentences from the headlines. In this way, beginning level students missed out on a natural source of meaningful linguistic and cultural "news.

Ask students to take on different roles to produce a newspaper. I also inform them to respond to the opinions of other students either agree and offer supporting statements or disagree and make debunking statements.

Techniques for teaching newspaper articles abound. Who writes for the newspaper? Developing the Lesson Plan In order to understand how this lesson plan developed, it is necessary for me to first outline my objectives.Using English Newspapers in the ESL/EFL Classroom Premakumari Dheram Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages (Hyderabad, India) premakumaridheram{at} One way to incorporate authentic text in the EFL classroom is to use Newspapers with students.

Furthermore, should teachers be located in a country where English newspapers are limited, then the internet is also available to access newspaper articles. However, the issue for many teachers is how they should use newspaper articles in. There are at least 10 reasons why ESL teachers should use newspapers in the classroomNewspapers: Provide readily available, regularly changing original texts at an appropriate language level.

Deal with topics of current interest. How should teachers use 'authentic' texts like newspapers in class? Author, trainer and teacher Rachael Roberts gives advice on the example of newspapers.

Easy English News is a page, monthly newspaper written in simple English by expert ESL writers for adult & young adult immigrants and US visitors.

newspapers in the esl literacy classroom While practitioners agree that newspapers can represent useful tools in the literacy classroom, they also recognize that newspaper articles written for native speakers are not always appropriate for ESL students.

The usage of newspapers in esl
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