Threat of ragging in educational institutions

This is the severest form of ragging that takes place in colleges. Depending upon the severity of the case, the guilty can be either suspended or dismissed and can also be debarred from gaining admission in any institution for five years. Ragging is not an indigenous phenomenon, but a direct result of the British colonialism in Sri Lanka.

Internal clashes have erupted several times due to the friction between ragging and anti-ragging movements, best example being Samantha Vithanagea third year Management student at the University of Sri Jayewardenepurawho pioneered an anti-ragging campaign that was killed at a meeting while in a discussion about ragging.

It may be important to note here that the above stated guidelines are only illustrative and are not intended to come in the way of the educational institutions and authorities devising ways and mean to curb ragging. The Constitution further highlights ruthless, brutal or contemptuous treatment to any party by another as a violation of human rights.

It can speed up apprehending the culprit and rendering justice to the victims and all affected badly by the ragging. They are subject to influence by the senior students as well as their high end contacts. The Raghavan Committee report, [15] submitted to the court in Mayincludes a proposal to include ragging as a special section under the Indian Penal Code.

The Management, the Principal, the Teaching Staff should interact with the freshmen and take them in confidence by apprising them of their right as well as obligation to fight against ragging and to generate confidence in their mind that any instance of ragging to which they are subjected or which comes in their knowledge should forthwith be brought to their knowledge and shall be promptly dealt with.

Anti-ragging movement Edit Unlike in Indiathere is no official anti-ragging movement in Sri Lanka. This period of time is termed Bheeshana Samaya locally.

Ragging at private universities and higher education institutes are at a minimum as compared to government universities which has prompted many students with financial means to enroll in private establishments.

Dissanayake has stressed that firm action will be taken against those who are found guilty of such activities in future and would be expelled from the university.

He killed Navarasu because he refused to submit to his whims of ragging. The objective of this exercise is said to be increasing the friendship among batch mates locally termed as batch fit.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. It has independently increased suicide risks in Sri Lankan universities. It demoralizes the victim who joins college life with many hopes and expectations.

If character is lost, everything is lost. Bommai, apprised the Rajya Sabha that steps were being taken to ensure that those found guilty of ragging can be treated as guilty of gross misconduct and subsequently, the penalty of rustication or removal from the rolls of the universities could be imposed on the offenders.

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In some universities, students have to memorize poems made up of filth and recite them in front of others. The common essential features of the aforementioned legislations are: Verbal torture involves indulging in loose talks. The local community and the students in particular must be aware of the dehumanizing effect of ragging inherent in its perversity.

Ragging In Educational Institutes: A Human Rights Perspective

The Prohibition of Ragging Act, Ragging does not spare even its perpetrators. Result has become meaningless, alone the students are to blame, for such acts? Subsequently, UGC has made few amendments to the Regulation. But with the situation of ragging worsening yearly, there is a self emerging an anti-ragging movement in each and every faculty of the university that ragging exists.

A serious thought if given to the above questions, we find that our P education system is intended to create intelligentsia, but they are absolutely I the moral and ethical values. Failure to prevent ragging to be constructed as an act of negligence in maintaining discipline in the institution on the part of the management, the principal and the persons in authority of the institution.

Ministry of the Govt. Parents are scared to send their children to schools, colleges and universities. Ragging has been denounced in many forms. Recent attacks on educational institutes of Pakistan has stunned the nation and sparked a debate on the security related issues.

Subsequently, a major boost to anti-ragging efforts was given by a landmark judgement of the Supreme Court of India in May[14] in response to a Public Interest Litigation filed by the Vishwa Jagriti Mission. Some of the most popular forms of ragging in colleges are: Mohammed Harris - Ragging at the college campus Whatever the reason be; like welcoming the new students or eradicating the feeling of nervousness making them acquainted with the environment of the institution; the action cannot be justified despite divergent arguments advanced by its supporters.

Though, in India, if a complaint is lodged against that senior, he and others who were present that time will be give a strict punishment such as expulsion from university, imprisonment for a year etc. Dress code ragging may make freshmen feel uncomfortable, as it often brings them unnecessary attention from everybody else.words essay on ragging in educational institutions in India Akhila Mol Advertisements: The Supreme Court defined ragging in following words: "Any disorderly conduct whether by words spoken or written or by all act which has the effect of teasing, treating with rudeness any other student indulging in rowdy or indiscipline activities which.

Ragging In Educational Institutes: Behind the façade of welcoming new students to college, ragging, in actuality, is a notorious practice wherein the senior students get an.

1 duties of the educational institutions to prevent ragging (as per ugc regulations on curbing the menace of ragging in higher educational institutions, ragging as “a systemized form of human rights abuse in educational institutions in South Asia, the worst forms of which are found in engineering, medical and military colleges.

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THE MENACE OF RAGGING IN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS AND MEASURES TO CURB IT Report of the Committee constituted by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India In SLP No. of Ragging: Prohibition, Prevention and Punishment The University Grants Commission vide its letter no F/ (CPP-II) dated June 17, has reiterated the .

Threat of ragging in educational institutions
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