Time value of money paper 3 essay

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Essay about Time Value of Money: Time Value of Money: Name: Professor’s Name: Institution: Course Title: Date: Introduction Time Value of Money is the concept that a certain amount of money has a different value today than it would in the future. Money has a time value and the present value is the amount the money is worth in the future, so the longer the wait, the less the value.

"The concept of present value - a sum payable in the future is worth less today than the stated amount," (Block, p.

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). Each member in group “C” will use as our present value and we will choose an interest rate and period.

Time value of money concept is used to determine present and future values of money. “The time value of money refers to the relationship between time, money, and the rate of interest.” (Letsche, ). Time Value Of Money Essay - Time Value of Money The time value of money serves as the foundation of finance.

The fact that a dollar today is worth more than a dollar in the future is the basis for investments and business growth.

The future value of a dollar is based on the present dollar amount, interest rate and time period involved. A basic principle of finance is the "time value of money." In other words, you have the choice of using your money in the present or the future, but if you choose to forego consuming today, then you should be rewarded for your patience.

Time value of money paper 3 essay
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